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Orbitrum is building advanced tools for manual and automated trading of crypto assets, asset management and market research on all major Layer1/Layer2 blockchains like Ethereum, Arbitrum, BSC, Polygon, Solana, Cosmos and many more. We offer state of the art tools and research to help you finding the greatest opportunities and manage your funds in the most efficient way. Make sure to read our Whitepaper to fully understand what we are building.

Public Alpha Version is live: free Signup here


Orbitrum is your one-stop tool for maximizing 2024's bull run. Designed by crypto pros, it tracks portfolios, manages risks, and spots opportunities. Details in our Documentation over here or just try our App*.


Owning many wallets? Orbitrum helps you track your wallets and others' on different blockchains, keeping you informed about market changes and your own investments.


With hundreds of blockchains and thousands of tokens, staying updated is tough. Orbitrum uses Rule based systems and Machine Learning (AI) to filter out scams and unproductive projects.

Airdrop Farming

Farming Airdrops by participating in new projects without a token is an incredible opportunity especially for newcomers to get started in this space. Very low risks and potentially high rewards.


Orbitrum has a marketplace for the most interesting strategies for Airdrop Farming, Coinsnipers, Yield farming and more. Users can create their own strategies and share them with others.


Orbitrum lets you create automated DEX trading strategies with advanced order types (limit, take profit, stop loss) to control risk. Explore our marketplace for ready-made, profitable strategies, including coin snipers, airdrop farmers, and high-yield DeFi.


Everything's more fun when we do it together. Orbitrum has tools for sharing knowledge and research. It's like a social network for crypto projects, where we all work together for success. WAGMI!

$ORB Token

$ORB token is a utility token launched on Arbitrum which gives our users access to special features on the orbitrum platform and our premium discord group. It is a fair stealth launch. No private investors, no presales, no more extra minted tokens, no buy or sell tax and anti whale functions. Everyone has the some chance. 100% of the available supply is provided as liquidity in an uniswap v3 pool over the full range. The liquidity is locked here. The contract ownership is renounced. The contract is audited and a standard ERC20.

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Our first Alpha release is operational, and the initial automated trading strategies have been successfully deployed on BSC/Arbitrum/Ethereum Mainnet. We are conducting multiple backtests and optimizing the code. Users can sign up and start with research projects or implementing strategies..

Our next steps will involve more project research and creating more strategies. Besides that we are gathering user feedback and implement the most desired features.

We are still hiring more developers who have deep knowledge about advanced defi topics on EVM based chains. Our strategies apply MEV, decentralized liquidations, arbitrage and others. If you know what we are talking about and are interested in working with a good team, let us know.

Some marketing is also planned but not focus for now. We want to build first. A good product, happy investors and working profitable strategies are the best marketing.


We are open for partnerships. If you are interested in working together, please contact us.


We are a team of advanced traders and developers with a background in traditional finance who want to explore and advance the DeFi space. We are curious, open-minded people who deeply enjoy what we are doing and the technical challenges on the way. Our members are distributed all over the world, and we love to share our research and learnings with anyone interested.

Contact: orbyter1 @